Senior Deputy Shannon King


Senior Deputy Shannon King has been with the Sheriff's Office since 2000 and has enjoyed a variety of assignments throughout her career. Shannon has held assignments as a bailiff, patrol deputy, field training officer, bicycle patrol officer, and as a detective. Shannon was recognized by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department with their prestigious Scroll Award for her work in solving a case that crossed over into Los Angeles County. In addition to her general assignment, Shannon also teaches firearms instruction and first aid at the Academy. 

"I longed for a career that would challenge me. I wanted to work with persons who shared the same goals, work ethic and pride in their job. I looked for a job with aspects to keep my interest. I had a strong need to assist the community and provide a role model for my friends and family."

FORENSIC SCIENTIST Christina Tokatlian

I have always been interested in the field of science.  During my years in school, several areas of career choices presented themselves to me.  I spent some time volunteering in each of them in order to gain some further insight into what a life dedicated to that career would entail.  I started working at the Ventura County Sheriff’s Forensic Sciences Laboratory while I was studying for my Master’s degrees.

I very much enjoyed the experience and decided to continue down this path.  The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office is a very professional, supportive, and forward-thinking institution.  The overall mission of the department and the ability to combine my love for science with helping others is so precious to me.  There are always new challenges and opportunities for growth, which I am always delighted to participate in.  Ventura County has always been my home, and it fills me with pride and a deep sense of fulfillment to be able to contribute to my community.  I can’t think of a better way to do so than by dedicating my years of education and training towards the betterment of my beautiful county.  I am very happy with my career choice and look forward to serving many more years in it. 


Deputy Chris Cadman started working for the Sheriff's Office in 2001 where he worked in the Classification Unit conducting custody investigations, gang profiles, and developing informants. Chris' career transitioned to patrol where he eventually was assigned to the Cities of Ojai and Fillmore. Chris later enjoyed the highly specialized assignments of the Sheriff's Gang Unit and the Sheriff's K-9 Unit. Chris also served on the department's SWAT Team and Mounted Enforcement Unit.

"What interested me in becoming a Ventura County Sheriff's Deputy was the opportunity to serve my community while working on a highly professional team with good pay and great benefits.

The always changing tasks where it is handling different calls or self initiated activity. There are always opportunities to learn and try new things."


Sheriff’s Technical Communications Specialist Ann Dyer has been a dispatcher with the Sheriff’s Office since 2001. She is an important team member of the communications center and has been the center’s Dispatcher of the Year in both 2004 and 2015. Ann has attended and participated in countless training seminars, dispatch courses, and is one of our more experienced training officers. Ann’s training, experience, compassion and empathy, make her a valuable asset for the Sheriff’s Office and for the community we serve .

"When people ask me what I do for a living, I’m proud to tell them that I am a dispatcher for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.  I strongly believe that our agency tries to always do the best it can for its citizens.  The Sheriff’s Office has always been supportive of our dispatchers.  We are paid well, and our schedule allows for ample family and free time. We are recognized for our hard work and always included in department activities.  Our communications center is an environment that encourages professionalism, teamwork, fairness, and training." 

Sheriff's Service Technician Jaime Estrada

SST Jaime Estrada has been employed by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office since 1998.  Jaime attended Ventura College and continued with his education after his employment by graduating from LaVerne University with his Bachelors Degree.  Jaime has been assigned to the Pre-Trial Detention Facility (PTDF) in Ventura, but has also had the opportunity to work at the Todd Road Facility and Hall of Justice.  At the PTDF, Jaime has had the experience of working all work assignments throughout the facility.  Currently he is assigned to Level 5 as the Roof Technician.  Jaime supervises and monitors inmate recreational activities. 

"I enjoy my assignment as it provides constant challenges dealing with human behavior, and rewarding as it allows me to contribute to safeguarding my community.  The work schedule allows me to have very flexible hours and days. Working for the Sheriff has allowed me to travel around the world.  Most recently I have traveled to New York City and Miami.  However, I have also traveled to Australia, New Zealand and most countries in Western Europe.  My favorite place to visit is Paris.  Being such a beautiful city, it offers many opportunities for photography which is one of my interests. When not traveling, I take advantage of the natural resources our county has to offer.  I belong to several hiking clubs and hike the Santa Monica Mountains and its surrounding areas.  I often mountain bike the challenging trails and enjoy spending warm afternoons at the beach. " 

Senior Deputy Larry Oriee

Senior Deputy Oriee has been serving the citizens of Ventura County for over twenty years. He has held a variety of assignments to include working in our Narcotics Unit, the Special Enforcement Unit (Gangs), he has been an Academy Instructor, worked as a Patrol Beat Coordinator, and as a Jail Classification Deputy. Senior Deputy Oriee is also a member of the Sheriff's Honor Guard. 

"Becoming a Deputy Sheriff gave me the ability to help home and business owners, our local schools, as well as other entities in our community by educating them with tips on crime prevention. There is nothing more rewarding then receiving just a simple smile from a citizen in our community who received assistance from local law enforcement."